Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Garden Update

Last week my Dad came up and we spend the afternoon building four more raised beds in the garden, bringing our total up to eight.  

The yard is looking a little worse for wear at the moment.  Before we bought our place it had sat vacant for nearly a year.  And the previous owner's weren't much for taking care of the yard anyway, so nearly everything was dead and the weeds became overgrown.

After moving in to the house last summer we focused most of our attention on making the house livable, so the yard was more of an afterthought.  This summer our focus will shift to getting the yard in good shape.  We have big plans for this year, including a new fence, lilac bushes, and hopefully a patio.

The weeping pussy willow we planted last year is waking up for Spring.

Here's a close up of the buds.  They feel so soft!

The tulips I planted around the foundation are coming up nicely.

I wasn't sure the rhubarb was going to make it, but it's starting to poke up too.

We have been having such nice weather lately, so I went ahead and planted spinach, lettuce, radishes, peas, green onions, and Swiss chard.  My Dad is very picky about straight rows (that's a farmer for you!) so I used a tape measure and some yarn to make sure that they stayed nice and straight.

Happy spring!

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