Saturday, June 2, 2012

Garden Update- June 1

Things are really starting to get going here in the garden.  I harvested a few pounds of beets the other night, and we have been eating a lot of spinach, lettuce, and Swiss chard lately.  The zucchini and crooked-neck squash should be ready in a few weeks, and after that the eggplants, tomatoes, and peppers are sure to follow.

The tomatoes are looking nice.  Some even have blossoms.  These tomatoes came from the greenhouse.  Despite my best efforts growing tomatoes from seed, the transplants could not stand up to the tough winds we've had on the plains this spring.  I may try these water walls for next year.  They seem like they would keep the heat in well and serve as a good windbreak, while still letting in light.  A few people around town have them.  I'm curious to see how their tomatoes look later in the summer.

Spinach and Salad Bowl Lettuce
We are enjoying BIG salads nearly every night.  My parents have taken home several large sacks of spinach and lettuce as well, hardly making a dent in the crop.  The lettuce is ready for its third cutting, so I will probably replant in a week or so since it gets a bit too frilly after a few cuttings.  I plan to blanch and freeze some spinach next week.  

The shell peas will be ready for harvest soon.  

The way Wade and the rest of my family love beets, there can never be enough.  Don't throw away the beet greens!  They are great served up Southern style with some hot sauce or red wine vinegar.

Carrots, Bush Beans, and Leeks
I need to do some weeding in this last bed, but everything is coming up nicely.  Leeks apparently take a long, long time to be ready to harvest, so it will be fun to watch them grow throughout the summer.